4 weeks and already all smiles
6 weeks and she can't keep anything out of her mouth
12 weeks old
Beginning board training
"I'm suppose to wait for a boat wave?"
"Dad, skateboards don't float"
4 1/2 months old - taken in Texas
7 months - on Padre Island trip to Texas, the wind
was a blowin and my hair is getting lighter.
10 months old
Me and my baby
August 2007
Bad Hair Day
Windy loves a freshly mowed lawn - here
she got out there before we could rake up
the clippings.
Belly Rub!!!
Let's go for a walk!
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Tricolor Female, 11.5 lbs
Born June 18, 2006

Health Tests:  CERF 2007, 2010
vWD, hips, elbows and patellas,
annual blood panel