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Debbie and Jaycee with
L-R: Sweets, Windy, Bunny, Rikki & Ryder
Contact Page                                        Columbia Gorge Cotons - Breeders in Arizona & Oregon
**We have no litters planned at this time**

To locate a breeder visit our the breed club's website

We are very selective when it comes to who will potentially own one of
our coton puppies and become part of our extended family.  We want to
get to know you to make sure that there will be a good fit.  

We won't ship puppies, but will happily meet you at the Phoenix Airport
if you want to pick up your puppy, we like to personally introduce you to
your new puppy and have your puppy's Mom present for the big event.
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Jaycee with Ryder and Windy

Ryder thinks he's a cat, he likes
to climb, the higher the better.
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