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Welcome to Windy & Ryder's website!

Our breed is Coton de Tulear (pronounced "coe-TAWN de TULE-ee-r) our
ancestors were brought to the United States in 1974 from Madagascar by
Dr. Jay Russell.  There are 2 main breed standards: Malagasy (CTCA) and
European (FCI).

We are Malagasy Cotons, we are a very diverse group and embrace all
colors: White, Tricolor and Black & White.  Some of us are small and some
of us a little bigger, but not too big.  If we are a Tricolor we will be born
with some color; white, brown and black. But our color will fade as we get
older, some of us will fade all the way to white and some of us keep a little
bit; usually fading to silver & champagne.  A black and white is the rarest
of colors and doesn't fade as much, but the black will usually turn silver
or gray over time.

Our human parents are Jaycee & Debbie Newman, they are proudly code
of ethics breeders with the Malagasy Coton de Tulear Preservation Club
(MCPC). This is a new club for Coton de Tulear breeders interested in
breed preservation by participating in a genetic diversity study using
DNA genotyping and DNA analysis to understand the inbreeding
coefficient and diversity in our breed.  

To learn more and to join this new club visit:
Columbia Gorge Cotons                                      Arizona & Oregon Breeders of Malagasy Coton de Tulear
This is why we're called
Columbia Gorge Cotons.  We
live mostly in Oregon on the
Columbia River.

These are a few kite boarders
that visit our backyard, most

Sometimes we bark at them
cause we want to play too!
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Riding a Sweet Wind "Sweets"
of Columbia Gorge Cotons

Health Tests:  CERF 2012
hips & elbows, patellas, heart, and
annual blood panel

Retired 2017
Sweets longing for her solo run.
To learn more about why we are against the
AKC and to learn how to find a reputable
breeder, please click on the "Just Say NO! to
the AKC" button above.

Please protect our rare & healthy breed by
choosing a breeder that is against the AKC
including the Coton de tulear in it's registry.

All MCPC Code of Ethics breeders are
against the AKC recognition.
Wind Junki aka Windy
Tricolor Female, 11.5 lbs
Born June 18, 2006

picture taken June 2011
Retired  2012
Wind Ryder or just Ryder
Black & White Male, 12.5 lbs
Born May 22, 2006

picture taken Aug 2011
Retired  2010
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Windy & Ryder are now retired, we didn't want to remove all their photos to make
room for our new litters, so we are keeping this website up. We created another
website for their daughters and their babies at the above link.
We are and always will be Columbia Gorge Cotons.
We hope you enjoy both of our websites!
Visit our NEW Website:
Howling Wind Bunny "Bunny"
of Columbia Gorge Cotons

Health Tests:  CERF 2012
hips & elbows, patellas, heart, and
annual blood panel

Retired 2017
(L-R) Tommy, Rikki, Bunny, Ryder, Windy, Sweets (Photo taken 2016)
Tommy and Rikki are both Tall Cotons and siblings.