Columbia Gorge(ous) Cotons
week 8 - June 20, 2009
This week was a busy one, we were
either playing hard or sleeping.  We met
the garbage man, the recycling truck
and the mailman.

We went to downtown Glendale and sat
near a park bench for awhile, watching
all the cars and meeting new people.  
Don't worry we were safe in our crate.

We went for a long drive and no one had
a potty accident.  We were very good!
Wrestling time with Mom
New Tug Toy
Zack & Gracee

My Lil Enchilada will now be known
as Snowbird Bella Rose.
Scout, just hanging out
My Lil 'Nilla Bean
Toofan Zack
Maggie Mae
Abstract Cotons
Bella Rose & My Lil 'Nilla Bean
My Lil 'Nilla Bean
Bella Rose & My Lil 'Nilla Bean
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